Product Care


Your Muki yoga mat is a valuable investment so here are a few tips to ensure maximum performance and lifespan;

  • The PU topping is a unique material that is highly absorbent - It absorbs moisture from the hands and feet which gives Muki mats their superior grip and traction. It will however also absorb any oils and creams that have been applied to the skin so we highly recommend that you avoid the use of such skin products before practicing or handling your mat.
  • Clean with a damp cloth or a use a small amount of biodegradable soap  and rinse immediately afterwards.
  • Hang up to dry in a shady, well aerated space.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight - direct sunlight will degrade the PU and cause your mat to lose its traction!
  • Do not use any oils or mat cleaners containing essential oils to clean your Muki mat. Like direct sunlight these will damage your mat.
  • Avoid storing you mat in areas that are either too hot or too damp. A cool dry area is recommended.
  • Muki Mats are designed to be rotated on a regular basis. Regular rotation of your mat minimizes wear patterns and can almost double the life span of your mat.