Muki Yoga Mats

Inspired with heart. Created with soul.

The "perfect" yoga mat is unique to each one of us - a personal mix of form, function and intent. When all the key elements we desire combine in just the right way they create something special and we can feel it. It holds us, inspires us and gives us the confidence to explore our inner world.

This is the essence of Muki - a yoga mat greater than the sum of its individual parts.

The Muki Elite

Luxury PU & Rubber Yoga Mat

The Muki Elite offers an advanced design combining next generation eco-friendly polyurethane and natural rubber to bring you a yoga mat that is simply the best there is!

Luxury PU soft touch material has unrivaled grip and traction, guaranteeing consistent performance across all traditional styles of Yoga. 

Eco-friendly synthetic material combined with natural rubber minimizes environmental impact.

Free of toxic adhesives, materials or inks.

Interwoven antimicrobial layer keeps your mat hygienic and fresh.

Stunning Flower of Life laser emboss offers an organic alignment structure and cues, for a strong foundation to your practise.

Spacious 680mm x 1850mm design for a larger more comfortable practise area.

4.5mm Construction for a perfect balance between cushioning and stability.

No "top" or "bottom" means mat can be constantly rotated to minimize wear patterns that occur on traditional mats.

The weight of the natural rubber prevents your mat from sliding around. Where you put it, is where it stays! A great advantage for more yang styles such as Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga.